Monday, February 16, 2009

* A week of fun...

Even though I was down , the babies still found ways of having fun.....

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

* Makayla.....

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* My Angels....

As you all know.... Last Saturday I fell from the Attic. I don't know why this happened with so much to be done this busy week of Valentines and our weekend school break. Kyle has practice everyday and two basketball games, just that a long is enough. But with getting two boys to and from school each day and then the extra I did not need to be down. We had a week-end trip to the beach( Coaching clinic) planned also which Kirk would go without me. I was as mad at myself for falling as I was hurt. My life did not need this bump in the road. I spent from 2-10:30pm in the E.R to find out I had L1,L2,L3,L4,L5 broken and a collapsed lung with many, many places bruised and beat up. I was then sent home to heal...
Not knowing how we would get through this and trying to figure out what God was trying to tell me or the lesson i was to get from this, the crying began. I had told my girls and mom not to come, between my friends and my aunt Lynda we would manage. And I know that Melo, Matt & Cricket would have been here in a heartbeat and they both begged to come but I said no that I want our time together when I can get around and do things together. I am very independent and this was killing me. I HATE to be tied down!!!!!!!!
Both girls have two babies each and could not bear the thought of them traveling some 8-9 hrs with babies to care for me. On Monday I got a call from Cricket saying she could not find Melo and thought she may be on her way down and sure enough later that evening in walks Melo, Possum & Squirrel. What a blessed sight! I was so happy, but felt bad she lefted her busy life and drove some 8 hrs with two babies to help me.
We have had a busy week, I did not improve until Shae & Chips took me to Dr. Voss on Wednesday only to be told I should have never left the hospital and I needed meds that I should have been on all week. Shae had to lift me, dress me and I could not stand up until the next morning after I had the med's then I was 40% better and progressed each day.
On Thursday MawMaw & Bridgette drove down and she helped with the cleaning, cooking and getting things we needed for the week. We all spent Valentine's together without our spouses. Melo left a lot of activies at her Church to be with me and she will never know what she has meant to me. I have been gone from home for 17 years and even with holidays I have never had Melo & the babies to myself for this amount of time. They all are on the road now and I pray they all get home safely and it is very quite and lonely here. It's a very grey, rainy day and my heart is breaking to have them here. I have miss so much not living closer to all my babies and today is a very sad day. I know I should be thankful for our time together although I had rather been up and doing for them but good-byes have never been easy. No valentine card or gift could have topped having my family this week. Melanie is my oldest and most times the oldest have to grow up fast when there are siblings and we never shared many of those mother-daughter times together that most mom-daughters do and she will never know what this week has meant to me.
I love you Melanie and no matter what has happened in the past you are a great Mother and daughter and sister. Not one time this week did she ever raise her voice to any of the kids. I watched her daily and she was like a mother bear with her two little cubs crawling all over her, loving her and she has the patience of "Job". Glasgow FWB church got a "GEM" when they got Melo. Melanie ia a "Dixie Atkinson". She is a hard working preachers wife, I watched her daily sending emails and making calls that everything was taken care of back at Church.
So as I have questioned God so many times this week, I think I needed this time with Melanie and this must have been the way. Thanks Joel for sharing your family with me and Thank you Melanie for coming to the rescue. I can never replay you for this week but it will be in my heart forever.
Thank you Lord for my time with Melo and the babies and thank you that I am better and that it was me hurt and not Kamren. Kamren was right beside me in the attic and when he saw me fall he grabbed the rafters and walked around the hole and ran for help. Kamren saved my life, if he had not been with me no one would have know I fell because I fell through the garage.
Alot has happened and I am thankful for so many things and friends that brought food. I have said God did not have to put me down to show me my friends, I know who they are and love you all dearly.
Please pray that they all get home safe and I continue to heal.
Thanks to John & Judy who spent Sunday here cooking and cleaning.
Thanks to Aunt Lynda & Chips who took Kamren to and from school all week and then got his homework and kept him all week.
A Million Thanks to: Sherri, Deandra, Angie, Ann, Suzette, Missy, Donna, Carla, The Vowell's, Paula & her mom Lynda, who brought food.
Love, Cynthia

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* My 1st Flying Lesson....


I fell through the Attic......

On top of the car......

Then to the cement floor.....Och!!!!!!!..........And yes, I did find a leak... but I was looking for Kamren's Davy Crockett Gun.
And NO!!!!!!!!!!!..... I CAN'T FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!....Needless to say, that was my 1st lesson and will be my last. I will leave flying to Angels and the fowl of the earth.
BTW....The gun was in the garage all the time, we found it yesterday in the corner. I guess it was my time to fall.

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Friday, February 6, 2009

* Blog Award.......

I received this award by a friend. I am now passing it on to five friends listed below. They must then pass it on to five friends. And list five of your favorite addictions.

1. My Bible
2. Blogging
3. Facebook
4. Jon & Kate plus Eight
5. Baking Sherri Melanie MeLeah Crystal Deandra

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* My Daddy........

Billy Wayne Overton ( daddy), Luke Overton (my nephew) & Billy Wayne Overton Jr.( my brother)....The big Kill...........

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Thursday, February 5, 2009

* Miss Priss....

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* Kamren & Papa John....

Kamren & Papa John are getting ready for Baseball season........

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* CUMC Basketball....

Kamren finished his season with a great game. He scored 8 pts.

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* Sophie & Aaron's Gym Class...

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* Miss Priss & her Snowman....

Drew & Miss Priss make a snowman.........

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