Sunday, April 27, 2008

* I've Been Tagged

One of my 1st friends (Allison) I met when moving to Dothan has Tagged me, so here goes.

1. I was born Cynthia Denice Overton.
2. I was born in Winfield, AL.
3. I have one sister, Lisa Smith.
4. I have one Brother, Wayne Overton.
5. My parents are Bill & Leatrice Overton.
6. I have 5 Children: Melanie, Matthew, MeLeah, Kyle & Kamren.
7. I have 5 GranChildren: Jonathan, Makayla, Madison, Avery, Bailey & one on the way.
8. I have 2 son-in-laws: Joel & Drew.
9. I have 1 daughter-in-law: Crystal.
10. I went to Brilliant High School.
11. I grew up Free Will Baptist.
12. I gave my life to Christ 7-12-73 (Rev. Van Dale Hudson)
13. I played a flute in school.
14. I played the Piano and Organ in Church.
15. I sang in a girls group at Church and we competed each year at the Nationals.
16. I taught K at LCA.
17. I taught Piano at LCA.
18. I took Piano lesson for 6 wks.
19. I never took a Organ lesson.
20. I lived in Nashville in 1978.
21. I love decorating.
22. I love to cook.
23. I love to host parties.
24. My Grandmother was Thelma South and she is very much a big part of my life.
25. I love the outdoors.
26. I love the beach.
27. I love being with my children & Babies.
28. Me & My sister had our Tonsills out together.
29. I had my last two babies at home.
30. I am a Wedding Planner.
31.The 1st and only paddling I got in school was the 1st day I wore shorts to school ( against my parents rules).
32. I love to paint.
33. Me & My sister always wore matching dresses when we were young.
34. My 1st pastor was William Atkinson.
35. My very 1st BF was Dawn Atkinson (she still lives in my hometown).
36. I was Baptized the same night I accepted Christ.
37. I also was the cook at LCA for a short time.
38. I love scrap booking.
39. I have cat named Ms. Priss.
40. I love to tan.
41. I worked at Shoneys in Nashville (100 Oaks Mall).
42. When I was pregnant with Melanie I would go to the Centennial park to walk.
43. When I lived in Nashville I was very homesick.
44. I used to wear my hair in a Bob.
45. I love fresh cut flowers.
46. I have never smoked or done drugs.
47. My favorite Aunt & Uncle are : Don & Lynda.
48. I love to watch my boys play ball.
49. I work in our Chiropractic office.
50. Today is my 16 year Anniversary.
51. I am married to Kirk Eriksen.
52. I have a All Occasions Spot on The Ann Varnum Show.
53. My 1st Friend in Dothan was Jackie Massey ( she passed last year).
54. Starla & Whit were mine and Kyle's 1st friends at HA (and still are).
55. Deandra, Sherri and Starla are my BFF.
56. I love to watch old movies.
57. I am a light sleeper.
58. I think I must be early for everything.
59. I love to change things often.
60. My b'day is 6-22-62.
61. I used to carry my BIBLE to school.
62. I got a whipping from my Dad for listening to the Partridge Family.
63. I do not type.
64. I love sweet tea.
65. My favorite movie is Anne of Green Gables.
66. I grew up in Brilliant, Al.
67. I was terrified on my homeplace.
68. We lived through the Tornado of 1973.
69. I have battled Anorexia most my life.
70. My favorite teacher in school was Allen Brazil ( my son-in-laws grand-dad).
71. When we were young my sister and friend set fire to my straw house that my baby brother was in ( we got him out un-harmed).
72. My favorite pastor is Richard Cordell.
73. My very first time in a movie theater was here in Dothan with Jeff & Rob at the old Theater downtown, we saw the Ten Commandments.
74. The 1st I ever saw the beach was with Jeff & Rob.
75. I love to work crossword puzzles.
76. I am a Blogger.
77. I hate Ice Cream.
78. For the most part I don't eat meat.
79. When I was young, my grandmother kept me and my sister and cousins, we would hide under the bed from her so she couldn't reach us with a switch.
80. My favorite comfort food is my mothers potato soup.
81. I love to cuddled in bed with my kids ( Big & Small).
82. One of the best times I've had lately was my trip to Nashville & Hoover to see the Kids and Babies.
83. I nursed all 5 of my children for over 2 years each.
84. My favorite vacation is the beach.
85. My favorite place when I go back home is HOME.
86. I had a favorite uncle that was more of a brother to me that passed of Cancer, I miss him very much.
87. Dr. Aubrey Lee Sewell delivered my 1st 3 babies.
88. Kirk delivered my last two.
89. I hate round neck tops.
90. I love to burn candles in the house.
91. In high school my dreams were to be a NUN (ha ha).
92. I was 9th grade Miss Merry Christmas.
93. When I go to the movies I always take a blanket.
94. I prefer sweets over salty foods.
95. I prefer silver over gold jewelry.
96.I miss not having my girls closer to me to share things with.
97. I miss not seeing my babies more often.
98. I love family.
99. My dream is to have my own party store.
100. I can't believe I made it.

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* 16 Years

Happy Anniversary!!!!!!
We went to church and then to O'Charleys with Kyle, Kamren, JByrd and Brandon.

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* Been to Church

The boys clean up well, what's amazing is they are wearing Kyle's clothes. I don't know what's wrong with my camera.

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

* A day in Graceville

We spent the day at Mawma & Papa John's today. This was our 1st weekend off from baseball and the last weekend off for the next month. Kyle, JByrd, Brandon & Josh spent most of their time in the pit. Mawma Judy fed us a big Chicken lunch with Strawberry Shortcake. Of course Josh and Kamren had to have Pancakes.

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Friday, April 25, 2008

* Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Possum is home at last. He has been a sick little boy. He is now at home on a blanket waiting for the mailman to bring him his packages for his grandparents.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

* Possum is sick

After his trip to Nashville he was admitted to the hospital on Sunday for IVS. He spent the day at home on Monday & Tuesday, Joel surprised him with a new puppy yesterday. I think everyone knows about their Dog woes. Last night Possum took a turn for the worst and now is back in the hospital. Pray for Possum..

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* Maddie at the Zoo

As you can see, Maddie loves her Pig Tails.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

* The Lawler's

What a wonderful week end!
After meeting the girls and their babies in Nashville, Matt's family met us in Hoover for Kyle's baseball games. Little Avery was a delight, he would smile at everything. He is now 4 months old.

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Monday, April 21, 2008

* Springtime in Nashville

The kids had a blast! They loved picking the pretty Tulips.

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* Centennial Park Nashville

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

* Swim Babies

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