Tuesday, March 31, 2009

* Happy Anniversary !

Happy Anniversary to MawMaw & PawPaw...48 years.
Yes, they were married on April 1, 1961
Winfield Free Will Baptist Church, Winfield AL
Rev. William E. Atkinson
Thanks for setting the greatest Christian example of what marriages should be.
We love you and hope you have many more.

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* Desperate times calls for Desperate measures....

The Biggest Looser Contest.....
Kirk and a few of his "Big" Buddies have been in the Biggest Looser contest since the 1st of January. Kirk has been very faithful to walk, run and diet for the last 3 months. Tomorrow is the weigh in day to see who will win the $900.00. As you can see, some people will do anything to win.
This is our homemade "Sauna".................

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

* The Tale of Two Desperate Women...

The Flood of 2009....Dothan, AL
It's hard to believe that just 2 days ago we were at the beach basking in the beautiful sun and now we need a boat to get around. My friend new I had had a very bad last 2 days and called me to go to a movie today. Neither one of us had looked at the news so off we go to the movies. I was on my way to pick her up and had the radio on and all the news could talk about was to stay off the roads because of flooding. As I turned to get her I was faced with water covering the road, Lot's of water, so much water it was very dangerous to go through. The roads were like rivers. As I get her (30 min) early so we can get our favorite seats before the crowds get there and beat the traffic, we realize that just maybe we should have stayed at home where it was safe and dry. We get to the movies and just look at each other, there were no cars in the parking lot, not a good sign in Dothan on a rainy day, that is our only entertainment. I let her out at the door to find out the movie we were going to watch was cancelled due to the theater being flooded out. So we buy tickets to the next movie and leave for Dakota's. As we get to Flowers Hospital the road is completely under water, we turn onto Westgate only to be detoured back due to the bridge being under water. Water, Water everywhere!!!!!!!!!! We do make it back to the movies and there were 4 of us in the theater. Madea was a much needed laugh and we enjoyed our time there. When out of the movies(Sun shining now), Cricket calls to check on us and I thought (what is she talking about)? and I say we are fine, she had heard Dothan was under water..LOL...
I pick up Kyle and he tells us how he and his friends had been surfing down his back yard in all the water flowing down the hill (it still doesn't click). I take my friend home because she had to take her dog to the Vet and she calls me back to tell me the whole shopping strip had been flooded, under water, water up to the car doors, Sam's flooded, cars swept of the roads and we two desperate females just had to get out. How crazy were we, so crazy that we just had to get out in the middle of the flood of the year. The 1st flood I can remember since we moved to Dothan in 1991. Oh Well, we made it back home and the waters have gone down and our homes are dry, but as you can see others were not that fortunate. Thank you Lord for the rain and our safety....

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

* Spring Break PCB 2009...

Caroline & Kyle ...Pier Park, PCB

Juliet & Romeo

Caroline & Catherine Clark

Kyle, Caroline, Catherine & Kamren at Pier Park, PCB.... March 25, 2009

Kyle & Caroline... PCB..... March 24, 2009

Carrie & Her Mom... It was her Mother's 75th Birthday... March 24, 2009

Kyle, Caroline, Catherine, Kamren and Granmother...

Catherine & Caroline Clark...

Zoey & Caroline...

Spring Break took a new turn this year. Kyle played Basketball all weekend in Montgomery with his AAU Travel team and he asked if he could spend one day with Caroline, so I said yes and we went to PCB.

I had only met Caroline and her family just since my fall so that's about a month but you know how women are it only takes a couple of minutes and it's like you been friends forever.

I will have to say, I needed a break and what better place to be than PCB. We had a blast and the Clark's were a blast to be around. No pressure of work just sun, food and movies at night. Yesterday was Carrie's Mom's birthday so her sister-in-law drove her down to celebrate with us. The whole family was a delight to be with. Most of today was spent walking around Pier Park and then back to the real world.

Thanks Carrie and family for a great "get to know you " Spring Break at the beach.

We had a blast and made lots of memories...........

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Monday, March 23, 2009

* Happy Birthday PawPaw.....

Today is PaPa's Birthday....

I love you and miss you very much. Thanks so much for all you have done for our family. Thanks for the wonderful christian home you provided for us. Your are loved more than we could ever tell you.

Happy Birthday and I love you!!!!!!

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