Saturday, August 30, 2008

* Roll Tide Roll

College Football is here!!!
Possum & Squirrel may be Kentucky born, but they are Bama babies at heart.
Go Bama Go!!!!!!!!!

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* Peaks in China Day 2

Day 2: Great Wall of China & Summer Palace

Justin made it all the way!!!!!!
I think it was 3000 steps. Ricky & Sheri were coming up in the rear, I think it was a pretty close race. (haha)
One day closer to Sophie!!!!

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Friday, August 29, 2008

* Peaks in China Day 1

I just talk to the Peaks via Skype, it was quite different talking and seeing them at the same time. They had a full day of touring as you can see. Justin was already alseep and Ricky and Sheri were right behind him. They looked happy but very tried, she said it had been a rainy day, but lots of things to see. Check out of blog for pictures. http://

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

* MawMaw & Avery

Today has been a day of tears.
I had just sent the Peaks off to China and I get back to CHI when I find these pictures on Cris's blog. Tears have flooded my face all morning and now little Avery is crying too. I think he wants his NeNe.

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* The Peaks are off to China!!!!

This morning was a bitter/sweet goodbye to my friends.
Kamren & Myself took them to the Airport @ 5:00am. The 1st leg of their journey.
They all did really well, Sheri was holding up well. I on the other hand did not do very well. It did not hit me until I said goodbye that, I have always had Sheri around or taking care of my children while I was out of town. We have always been only a phone call away. She has become a sister/daughter to me over the years, with LOTS of stuff under our bridge, both good and bad, but we have weathered the ups and downs pretty well. We have learn along with our other Dothan friends that sometimes in life when we don't have our "REAL BIO" Family to hang on to,we lean on the love ones God has given to us in our life journeys. I have not had to say goodbye to my parents like Sheri at such young ages, so my heart has always ached for her and I hope that I can fill what every gap their is in any way I can. We really don't know how much we will be able to talk once they get to China. I am so happy for the Peaks and can't wait to see Sophie!!! Just think! The next time we see the Peaks they will no longer be the Peaks of 4 but Peaks of 5. Yea!!!! A girl!!! Sophie will be every ones little Angel!!! I can't wait to see Justin & Josh with a little sister. Hang on Sophie your family is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Saturday, August 23, 2008


* Tropical Storm Fay forced us to stay in this weekend, so we made the best of it. Kyle's Tournament was cancelled in Atlanta and Kirk flew to CA, so we invited the twins and their brother Nathan to spend the night and day with us, I figured since Kirk was gone I would give Keith & Angie a break and some Adult time. We had movies, crafts and lots of food. As you can see we had a blast making Halloween treats. Kamren, Natalie & Nicole.
By the way: The Cowboy vest that Nicole is wearing was Kyles, Aunt Lynda got it for him when he was at HA to wear on Cowboy Day (1998).

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* Melanie & Luke

Oldest & Youngest Gran kids...... of Billy Wayne Overton & Leatrice Joy South Overton
Melanie Lawler Franks who lives in Glasgow KY (1st Gran 7-29-79) daughter of Cynthia Denise Overton.
Luke Jackson Overton who lives in Winfield AL (9th Gran 1-2-06) son of Billy Wayne Overton Jr.

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* Melanie, Jonathan & Makayla

Melanie, Joel, Jonathan & Makayla made a quick trip to Winfield yesterday and these are pictures taken at the Franks Anniversary Party.

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

*The Things that go BUMP in the night!!!!!!!!!!

Last night as always I had gotten Kamren asleep upstairs in his bed and I was back down stairs in my bed. All is well? Around 4:30am I was awaken by a horrifying scream "MY BACK IS BROKEN"(Kam) then I heard another loud scream (Kirk) "what is it"? I am usually a very light sleeper and how Kirk was up and in the middle of the foyer floor before me, I don't know. When I reach the hall, Kam is on the floor screaming and Kirk is on top of him, both screaming. After everyone settle down, Kam had woke up scared and was coming down the stairs with two cats and his Indiana Jones Man, one of the cats got spooked and off balanced him causing him to fall down the stairs, after falling he gets up and trips over Kirk"s suitcase that is at the front door knocking him back against the stairs hitting his back. Kirk hears him falling and thinks he is a burglar and grabs him and both of them fall to the floor. It was quite a scare!!!! We all go back to bed and try to get a couple hours of sleep. Kamren is fine and we all are laughing now.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

* MeLeah & Babies

MeLeah, Madison & Makenzie...
MeLeah & babies at the Indiana Zoo.

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Saturday, August 16, 2008

* Our Fathers Hand

This picture is priceless...
Last night Possum spent the night in a sleep center and Melo took this picture. Kamren has just in the last couple of weeks moved upstairs to his own bed, but when he was in our bed he always had to pinkie touch. The comfort of our parents touch, how many times would I give anything to touch my father's hand, to hug my father or just to be near my father. All the comforts of that warm, protecting feeling from our father's touch. Then I'm reminded of our heavenly Father, that he is always there even when we can't have our earthly father's hand, his arm's open wide ready to warp us up and shield us from all of life's woes. I get up daily reaching for my Father's hand and I know I would not make it through a day with out "my Father's hand"......... Thanks Melo for the reminder. Love you!

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* Possum's Sleep Study

It's over!!!!!!
After a very long night, Possum & Possum finished their sleep study. The Dr's will have to study the test results so we still don't know the final result's, but Possum can sleep in his own bed tonight. Possum was a very big and brave boy.....

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* My growing babies

My babies are growing so fast.
It seems like it's years in between visits to see them. What did we do before blogs. I am so glad they all blog often. Possum & Squirrel seem to always have some adventure going on, life in KY seems to be the BEST!!! It's always a treat to read about their days.It would not surprise me to hear these to kids join the Amish community, every time I talk to them they have been to the "Amish" to get veggies.Melo told us they were in a store and there was an Amish lady behind her checking out and she could already read Possum & Squirel's little minds and before she could stop him, Possum shouted out " mommy that's one of those Amish ladies". Last night Possum spent the night in the hospital having a sleep test. I have not heard from Melo but when I do I'll let everyone know.
Maddie & Kenzie look like they are racing to see who can grow the fastest. Little Kenzie's looks have changed so much and Maddie is just another little MeLeah, She seems to always be in the kitchen. Two babies under Two, in diapers and Two pacifiers, how well I remember those days. Enjoy!!! they will all to soon be gone.
Bailey & Avery looks like two twins. Bailey just had a B'day with a waterslide, gatorcake party and is back in school. Avery is learning to do things new each day and just being a toddler now. Avery , out of the six gets the best of the best "mawmaw & pawpaw". There is something about growing up around grandparents, I am so glad M,M& M got to grow up with them and they are like parents to them, I only wish K&K could have that same experience.

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