Wednesday, March 21, 2012

*Heirlooms....Up in the Attic....

 The Davy Crockett Gun.....

 The cat Judy brought Kyle back from Brazil when he was just a baby.... he was just laying in the rafters.
 Kyle's Journal, I think this would be his 2nd HA
 This was my Candyland Lunch box.....not telling how old....
Kamren's Report Card... Kelly Springs...2012

As most of you know in 2009 Kamren and myself were in the Attic looking for Kyle's old Davy Crockett gun. Now I don't have to tell you in end results. I ended up falling through the Attic and we never returned to get the gun, mainly because after all my injuries it was a fear factor. To this day I deal with the pain left from that fall.

We moved out of the house some 19 months ago thinking we were leasing to sell but for some reason God has brought us back. When we left it was a very hot September so we left most everything that was in the Attic...this Attic could be a good size bedroom/playroom, it has floors but just the studs for walls...the place were we were was over in the rafters..yea we were walking the beams...NOT A GOOD THING TO DO!!!

Well I have been very busy since we moved back about a month ago cleaning, painting, cleaning, painting.... and I just kept getting this need??? hankering??? to get back in the Attic!!!!!!!!!!!
And little did I know until I sat down to write this post, we moved back in this house the same month I fell through the Attic.. I believe it was 2-3-09.... That's scary!!!!!!!!!!  You can look back in my post and I did a post on 2-15-09....
You can breathe, I didn't do it Kyle did.....

I knew there were many things I had pushed way to the back and I just needed the peace of mind to have it all down to see what had been put away for the last 20 years...
It was a lot easier to get it all down because the hole I made when I fell through was still there, so Kyle handed it down to me....all the time I kept warning him "DON"T  STEP ON THE WHITE STUFF"!!!!!

Well we found lot's of stuff....soooo many toys, the boy's school papers, costumes, Christmas Decorations, they made in school, it is amazing what we keep.

And guess what else???????????   The Gun!!!!!!!
Some 5 years later the gun was right were I knew it was but it had to wait some 5 years later. Kamren is bigger now and was not interested in the gun but I'm sure one of the babies will enjoy it.

There is a song Amy Grant sings and I used to play it for the girls and until today even though I loved every word of the song, the words really struck a cord with me. I am a very sentimental person and keep everything from cards, school papers to baby teeth.. yes I still have all of my children s baby  teeth (all 5 kids) so you can imagine what a tearful time I have had this afternoon... I am very drained!!!
Up in the Attic
Down on my knees
Lifetime of boxes
Timeless to me
Letters and photographs
Yellowed with years
Some bringing laughter
Some bringing tears
Time never changes the memries, the faces of loved ones, who bring to me....all that I come from, and all that I live for, and all that I'm going to be.
My precious family is more than an heirloom to me.

On a happier note:
Kamren made A/B Honor Roll today!!!!!!!!!!!

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* Kisses for Katie....


Kisses for Katie!!!!!

Just when you think you cannot get out of bed another day, God sends you a "Red Bird".. You would have to have been to a Woman's Spectacular Event to understand the Red Bird but it's really about you counting your blessings. After finding her blog many months ago, we really have nothing to complain about but MUCH to be happy about.. I really think I missed my calling....I would love to be were she is, doing what I love and that is taking care of Children...Children that does not know what being spoiled means, walmart, Ice Cream Shop, etc.
This blog will make you cry, but in so full of love...
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