Sunday, February 12, 2012

* Trusting God... one surprise at a time.

One of our many Easter Dinners....
Natalie, Sophie and Nicole... I think this was the last Easter before we moved..

I tried to delete this one but couldn't... they look like Ghost...
The front door, on the steps was always our spot for pictures....
Many "Ann Varnum" shows were taped in this kitchen..

Went to 102 today to make a walk through not sure of what we would find after not being inside for 17 months. When I left the house it was with the intention of not moving back but moving on to better things. Little did I know what was in the making and what would play out some 17 months later. Lots of stories have come to us but if I have learned anything in my last 20 years is not to judge and always know their is always 2 sides...

As we arrive we were very shocked as to what was taking place, not knowing how we would be welcomed we enter "our" home. I almost ran to the Sun Room to see my 6th baby(my Gran-Piano) that I had not seen nor played in 17 was there!!!!!!!! I would have loved to sat and played but the atmosphere screamed your not wanted here!!!!

It was very sad, this was to be their home and now they were having to say goodbye and I am facing the fact I have to move back(this week end) not knowing for how long because it is still for sale... Oh well, I will do what I have to do but there is alot of work to be done..I did not realize when I moved out 17 months that I would ever miss that huge house..It is a lot of work to keep it cleaned and with two boys going in two different direction we are never home, so the day I left I felt like a huge load had been lifted from me. And the fact in 1 year Kyle will be off to college and what do we need that big of a home with just the three of us...

Well to say all of that... after I saw my Piano and walking through the house this crazy feeling began stirring in me and I can't explain it.. I began to almost cry, a sadness stirred inside me, as I looked around at the memories. I looked at the bay window and I could see my daddy and Matthew on 10-10-00 up in the tree building Kyle and his little Brother that I was inside giving birth to a double Decker Tree House, the swing that daddy climb up even higher in the tree to hang.At times the tree house would have 10 to 12 little boys in it playing Robin Hood. The woods that Matthew and myself cleared with just a axe and push mower.Lot's of sweat and blood had been put into those woods..I remember the weekend we moved into the house and everything was put up, Mother and the kids packed up and with back to Winfield, leaving me(great with child) and little Kyle all alone in that castle. Kirk was writing his 1st book and had a trip to Atlanta so me and Kyle were all alone. We with out to the huge screened in back porch to sit and watch the many squirrels and we couldn't even see the road for the woods, so as soon as I had Kamren and could walk we started on those woods. I saw all the Easter Egg Hunts we had had each year with our friends. The fire pit in the woods that Kyle and his buddies loved sitting around at night. The batting cage daddy had made for the boys.
Back in the house the memories were bouncing at me like crazy... I did not go in the garage for the memory of falling through the Attic, I live with that pain everyday so I did not need to see that. Lot's of reflecting in such a short visit.. I went in with a nervous/heavy heart and came out broken to pieces.. Broken for them and broken at what I had left behind without even looking back. If you remember they knocked on our door on a Sunday afternoon and we were out on Friday.. I did not have time to think about anything. I have not looked back or allowed myself to say I wished I had never left or I wished for it back, we just got out and I think I had blocked it from any hurt and really any memories...
God has his hand in everything and I don't have the answers but he knows our plans... I must wait to be shown and I can't see past today...After being inside today I think in my heart that God is allowing me to go back for a reason and I must be willing to find it and accept it.
Kyle is glowing in delight that he gets to spend (he hopes) his last year of High School in the Big House, he has not had the room in the rental to have the guys over for their "grilling and chilling", so he can't wait. Kamren was always afraid of the house because it was sooo big and his room was on the 2nd floor close to the attic, so I just told him today that we were moving back so I guess I will have a new bed buddy.
I must say I have missed my HUGE KITCHEN!!!!! and the short time we were there today I felt like I was Home!!! Don't know for how long but will love it for whatever time we are granted. As my Blog reads... Trusting God..One surprise at a time...

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

* Moving Back???

Well, I really don't know where to start.... But... looks like we are moving back!!!!!!

September 2010, two weeks before Kamren was born we moved to 102 Sterling Ridge. We left a 2600 sq. ft home with a pool ( i think about a 27 yr old home). Kyle and myself were devastated to leave our beloved pool and his best friend since birth Chance. This was the home were I gave birth ti Kyle on the backporch in the Hot Tub. Lot's of memories!!!!
With the help of maw maw, Matt, MeLeah and Chris we moved out and was all unpacked in 2 days. Wow!!! me and little Kyle was lost in this big thing and thought we would never call it home. Two weeks later Kamren was born here in the downstairs bedroom. We lived here until September 2010 exactly 10 years to the date.

We moved out 17 months ago with the intent that the leasers would be buying it after a year. Well the luck of the Eriksen's is... things did not work out and looks like we will move back until it sells... I do not look forward to packing and moving, but I think Kyle will love having the upstairs for his friends to enjoy his last year at home.
17 months ago a couple knocked on our door made a offer and ask us to be out in 5 days!!!!! Should I say that we had lived here 10 years, Kamren was born here and sooooo many memories and some 18 years of stuff. I found a rental home on Wednesday and we were moved out by Friday. We left alot of stuff,( which was in the agreement that we would get when they purchased the house) my beloved Gran-Piano which I have not seen since the day we walked out. I hope and pray everything is still there and that the house is in good condition..
It's a bitter sweet journey back, but when life gives us Lemons we will try to make Lemonade.

I will say this little home has been cozy and quick to clean and very nice to call the Landlord when something is broken..but...I just don't know how I should feel at the moment...I guess we will take it a day at a time.

102 Was a beautiful home with lots of space for fun and each of us have our own space, It will be nice not to hear the person in the other room breathe and have a place to park three cars.

With Spring just around the corner..I guess this is just another season for me... God has a plan and we just have to go along for the ride..

Moving Time!!!!!!!!!!!

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