Friday, October 31, 2008

* Update

MawMaw's surgery went well!!!
She is home and doing well. Thanks for all your prayers.

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

* Pray for MawMaw

Today I went with Sheri & Miss Sophie to Montgomery for her Cardio Appt. Everything checked out O.K. and she was cleared for her December 3rd surgery. After the Dr. visit we had a very good day!
About 1:00pm Melo called me to tell me Mother had been sick all night and was in the hospital. We finally received word around 3:00pm that she would have surgery at 7:00am tomorrow morning.(Halloween) If everything goes O.K. she can go home in the afternoon. Please pray for MawMaw that she will feel better soon. It was two years ago about this same time she spent weeks in the hospital with Blood Clots. My Mom is allergic to just about anything they tape or sew you up with. Get well soon MawMaw!!!! We Love you!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

* Sophie 1st Holidays in the USA

Sophie & Santa....

She thinks my Christmas Balls are for throwing........

This is Sophie's new smile.....

And it gets even better..............

To Jonathan, Makayla, Madison, Makenzie, Avery & Bailey:
Nai Nai loves and misses you dearly, some days very, very much. But as God sends you Nai Nai's and PaPa when your "real" ones are far away, God sometimes puts little ones in our lives to fill the void when you are sooooo far away. They can never take your place in my heart, but they can help fill the pain of missing and loving you. To say all of this...... God has given me little Sophie's , Natalie's & Nicole's to help me through my dark days without you . I Love you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Today we were not busy at CHI ( I thought) WRONG!!!!
So I thought I would work on my clown dress for Saturday while we were not busy.( Did I tell you I was hired to be a Clown Saturday for a Birthday Party? I booked it thinking Kyle could do it and make him some Fair money.)....WRONG AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! LOL.... Me a Clown...There is nothing funny about me... maybe they will be too little to notice. The funniest thing about this will be my dress.... Anyway... back to my story... Sophie wanted to spend the morning with me while mommy worked at FP... So in she came and went to every tree in my house for me to turn on the lights. Everything that blink or turned she wanted it on. She still hates the cats and when she goes by my Monkeys she still gets way back. I'm not sure she had seen many animals in China... She went to the fridge and pointed to the Tomatoes, so I cut them up and settle down to watch a Chinese Cartoon and snack on Tomatoes.( she ate them like they were fruit)
Well, we were doing just fine when CHI called needing me, so off we go. We get in the car, bucked up and she goes to telling me something and this is the most heart breaking thing, when she knows what she wants and we don't have a clue!!! In Chinese I thought, she was so very determined to get it, she made the signs to un-buckle her and she would go back in and get it. Well, I did as I was signed and in she went straight to the snack basket and what do you think she was telling me? DORITOS!!!!!!!!!! Not Chinese at all, she was saying Doritos. Not just one bag but 4 bags. Back in the car, with Sunglasses on(39 degrees at this point) and off we go...
Now, Sophie has seen so many Doctors in her 3 yrs of life she thinks they are just like all the others and there is pain when you enter the door, so I did not know what she would do. She has been in a few times with mommy but only briefly and she would want to leave. When we got to CHI we went straight to work. When I would put Patients on Therapies I would tell her they had BooBoo's and she would just look and show them her BooBoo. I thought at first she would be scared but she did fine. She did have to fight Dr. Kirk off her Doritos, She will fight for her food.
We ended up at the Computer looking at her friends in her China orphanage. She would point to her friends and to herself, saying their names and showing me herself. I printed off a page of friends and when Sheri came she had to show her. She is so smart and seems to remember a lot about China and her home.
We met Angie for lunch were she was still very funny and happy...
We ended the day at the Peaks Church Fall festival, She bounced in the Bouncing house forever. I think she will rest well tonight.
Tomorrow we are off to Montgomery for her Heart Doctors visit ... she has to see him before her surgery in December.
Thanks Sheri for sharing Sophie with me today!!! I must say she has taught us all a little(a LOT) about patience. I think I'm would be safe in saying, I have been around her quite a bit from the 1st day in Dothan, almost daily. I have stood back and let her come to me( usually because I had candy in my hand). She still says no to most people and lets you know to get back. She has let me touch her, I have took a kiss on the head or cheek, and I have took a hug. I have picked her up to help her in and out of things. But today, 2 months from the 1st day in Dothan, She gave me hugs and kisses and she sat in my lap for the 1st time and she will tell me she loves me. Now, I felt very special !!!
Tomorrow she may not have a thing to do with me, but I will take whatever and when ever she gives it. I have gone to bed every night begging God to open up her little heart to us and let us hug and love her. I see the sparkle in her eyes, it's as if she has always been with us and I can't imagine life without Miss Sophie...........
Yes, Sophie has come a long way since her 1st week in Dothan. She has stolen our hearts!!!!!!!!!!
Patience is golden........... wait..wait upon the Lord.

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* Makenzie's 1st Christmas

MeLeah is alot like her Mother, she doesn't waste anytime getting ready for holidays and guest. Madison is spending the week with Mike's parents, so Meleah took advantage of her time and started getting ready for Christmas. She is like me, when we find out family is coming and it's close to a holiday we start the celebrating early. Baby Makenzie's Dedication is next week and lot's of family will be in town so she is having Christmas too. Love it!!!!!!!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

* Miss Crafty

I told you my girls are talented....MeLeah got a little crafty and this is some of her newest art...
Move over Martha S..... Great Job!!!

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* Sophie Lyanna Peak's Dedication

The Peak Family....Sophie, Justin(GEGE,big brother), Joshua(GIGI, little brother), Sheri(MaMa), Ricky(BaBa,daddy), Nellie(Granmother)............

Check out the next blog for more pictures................... You may also go to my Picas to view all pictures from today.

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* Sophie Lyanna Peak's Dedication

Mrs. Lewis.....

Tim & Michelle Benton........ Tim sung and "Aunt Shell" made the slide show...

Jared Peak.....

Nellie & Ricky......Ricky's mom...

Sophie hanging with the boys........ Josh, Justin, Kyle, Kamren, Sterling & David...

Nellie Peak

A gift from Mrs. Deandra......

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