Sunday, January 27, 2008


Where does the time go? Weekend's are never long enough. We went to church, did lunch, chilled and then Kamren and myself went to church with the Peaks to see Josh's play. Every time I go to their church it brings back so many memories of home and how I miss home today. I miss the small church I grew up in, there is nothing like your home church. CUMC was good today, it was about conflict between spouse. How I wish some of us could get it right. I talk to Starla at church it was the first time since before Christmas. I don't know when I've talked to Deandra. We need a trip to the beach! MeLeah called today and I could hear Maddie just a rambling, how I wish I could hold her if only for a minute, and then to go to Sherri's church I have really gotten the homesick bug. Well it's another week and a full school week. 12 days until we sail.

Saturday, January 26, 2008


What a sweet morning ! I had just taken Kamren and Kyle to school when I got a call from Jonathan. I had sent all the babies a Valentine box and Jonathan had called to thank me, this was on Tuesday. This morning he calls me back to thank me again, of course Melanie has to translate most of the conversation. She told me that when they got the pkg. she had dinner ready so she told Jonathan and Makayla if they cleaned their plate they could have the Fruit Loop cereal straws for dessert. Jonathan was quick to clean his plate and they had a little tea party with their cereal straws and their new tea sets. So this morning he was having his straw breakfast and wanted Na Nay to know. I was so touched over what a little thing like a cereal straw could light up a child's day. Our life in Dothan is so caught up in work, school and ball we forget the little things. I quickly grabbed six boxes of cereal straws and shipped them to Kentucky, so my little babies could have their daily delights. Jonathan will never know how that call made my day. It is very hard not seeing the babies, so thank goodness they are getting big enough to call. Thursday night after Kyle's basketball game my smallest of the five gave me a call, of course it was all coo's but it is still wonderful to hear. Meleah, Drew and Madison are back in the Ozark's trying to get settled into their new home. I don't know when I will see them again so for now the next best thing is phone calls. Kamren just played his last basketball game for the year scoring 4pts. So now it's off to the baseball park.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Becky Clark

The first sunday school teacher we had when we moved to Dothan was Ken Clark. I would sit in his class and listen to him talk about his wife and girls and wonder could he be for real. I can still remember the Sunday he and Edwin Morris tagged team on the family, they told stories about their children and the one I remember most is the one Ken told about praying for his girls husbands to be, now this was back in 1992 so the girls were very young I think Becky had just began battle with cancer. December 2007 Becky with to be with the Lord and I found the wonderful Blog site of Abby's. Each day I race to the Blog to read a new Blog of Abby's, she is truly a Ken & Becky Clark. I just read were she found her mothers journal were Becky and Ken knelted at Abby's bed and prayed for her and her date after they had left for a date. It all came back to me that this man was for real, he really lived what he taught. Becky may be gone from her loved ones but she lives on in her girls. I love and can't wait to read her next blog.( The maddox family)

Baby Avery

Welcome Baby Avery Scott Lawler!

Born December 3, 2007

Eriksen Boy's

Kyle and Kamren are busy playing ball. Kamren has really shocked us this year, he has scored nine and ten pts at each game. Kyle of course is awesome. Kyle is also gearing up for baseball.

BAE January event

Another great party! This event was BAE's Christmas party but we had to host it in January due to the event we held for the soilder in December. The event was held in the Geneva Farm Center and boy what a job it was to transform a metal barn into a prom. I pulled it of we a lot of work but in the end it was another great event.

BAE Event

My first BAE event was in December. This was to host a soilder who was wounded in Irag, he came to thank the company for their work. They make armored vest for military and VIP's. This event was outside in a huge tent on a very cold and rainy day. But all was great.

A new year.

I don't really know how to start this so I will start with the new year. We just spent Christmas in Winfield with all my children and the babies. Melanie & Joel are in Ky. and they have Jonathan and Makayla. MeLeah & Drew have just moved to Lake Ozark, they have Madison and a baby due in July. Matthew & Crystal live in Winfield and they have Bailey and Avery who was born December 3. Christmas at Mom and Dad's was crazy with everyone there. Lisa's family of Twelve. Wayne's family of Three. Mom and Dad. My crew of 15. So much fun with all the babies and just being with family, and all too soon it comes to and end. Back to Dothan to the everyday hassle of work, school and ball games.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

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