Saturday, September 12, 2009

* Pcs vs Kinston and Justin Peak...

Last night was our 1st home game and our 1st game in our new Bleachers. Everything was going well the PCS Eagle were looking great, Kyle had just made his 1st Touch Down playing on the Varsity team and Justin made the 2 pts. In the second half Justin had just gotten the ball when he took a hit from the front and then an Elbow to the back of his neck. He went down and for 2o minutes never moved, Watching from the stands and sitting right next to his Mother( my friend, sister and all the above)I had my Camcorder going and Zoomed in and could see it was not good and then the Ambulance was called and we knew it was not good. He was taken to the ER were we spent hours waiting for news of any kind. At 3:00am this morning we walked out with Justin and he will be okay. There are alot of things to be check out and second opinions to get but in the end He could walk, talk and was our unbreakable "JP".
Talking to Kyle about what he was thinking on the field he said he was really freaked out when Justin didn't move for some 20 minutes. Kyle was very worried about his friend and knew it could have very well been him. Sometimes we wonder why and we don't always get the answers we want and having a son that is very much like Justin that lives for sports, Football being at the top, but God knows best and we learn and make the adjustments to get through the changes.
Pray for the Peak family and Justin as he heals and pray that God's will be done in his life. My sweet Kyle said to me as we were leaving this morning I can't imagine playing any kind of ball without Justin on my team. We pray for his speedy recovery and that he is up and back doing what he loves "playing football." We love you Justin !!!
Go to for pictures of Justin & Kyle's game last night.

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Sherrie said...

Sweet post! My heart is broken for my son!!!!

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