Sunday, November 30, 2008

* Gingerbread Houses....

For many years one of my children's Christmas traditions is to make Gingerbread Houses. Now that Melanie & MeLeah have children of their own they make them with their babies. We in the past would wait until we got to MawMaw's and make them with Melanie & MeLeah.
Tomorrow, Sophie goes to B'ham for surgery so we thought we would have a Gingerbread House party while she was feeling good. As you can see, she loved licking and eating as much as she loved decorating them.
Josh & Kamren came in after Sophie was finishing, so she took all her candies off and started over.
We all laughed and enjoyed watching her as much as she loved getting sticky. Sophie is not the same little China girl that got off the plane 3 months ago, she acts like she has always been apart of our lives. It was a bitter sweet night seeing her be so happy and having fun, knowing for a short time she will not be the bouncy, bossy, non stop little Sophie we have gotten to love.
Sweet dreams and hurry home!!!!!!!!!!

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