Thursday, November 27, 2008

* Happy Thanksgiving ....

Today has been a very busy day getting ready for dinner.
I can count only one other time out of 16 years in Dothan that we have spent Thanksgiving at home. I love to cook, so I spent most of the day getting ready. The Peaks, Hovanic's and Turners dropped by this afternoon and we had a great time.
Thanksgiving is about giving Thanks, so let me get started:
I am first of all, Thankful for my Christian parents.
I am Thankful for my family.
I am Thankful for my children & gran children.
I am Thankful for our health.
I am Thankful for my friends.
I am Thankful that Shae & Cricket live close to each other and the babies can grow up together.
I am Thankful for my... I just heard a knock at the front door, it scared me to death, then my phone rang and the ring tone told me it was Matt....I got the phone to find out it was Matt knocking at me front door at 2:00am.....What a surprise!!!!!!!!
I am very Thankful they arrived safely.
I am Thankful this year to have one of my older children with me at Thanksgiving, I think this is a first in many years.

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Sherrie said...

Woman!!! You are wrong for putting that picture of me on your blog!!!!!!!

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