Monday, December 1, 2008

* A New Tradition...Zack the Elf...

We have a new Christmas Tradition.
I found this book from one of my Blog friends and absolutely loved it. The book and elf come in a lovely box. The first time the Elf arrives in your home, your child officially adopts him and gives him a name. His sole responsibility is to watch your child's behavior and report to Santa each night. There are a few rules:
You cannot touch your Elf or he will go back to Santa. He reports to Santa each night while you are sleeping about your behavior. Each morning when your child awakes, they will discover the Elf had returned from the North Pole and is now resting in a new place watching your behavior. Your child may talk to their Elf and share their secrets but he is under strict orders not to talk to them.
Kamren has named his Elf -Zack and as you can see he has jumped off his shelf in the box to the ledge over the front door, watching Kamren's every move. The Tradition is to help your child to better control their behavior.
Enjoy this Tradition, and MAKE IT YOUR OWN!
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