Thursday, January 1, 2009

* Happy New Year

I have spent my week in bed with the Flu.................
Sophie came over today to cheer me up and these pictures say it all. A new year also means a brand spankin CLEAN year. I think Sophie reminds me of the verse in the Bible about a clean heart doeth good like a medicine. And she was my medicine tonight. The girl likes her lotion. After she had ALL the lotion she could take on her head, she was off to a very long shower. She was a very clean China girl....... Happy New Year everyone!!!!! And yes, we had our Blackeyed Peas and Hog Jowl.

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Tonja said...

Oh so cute! She is good medicine for whatever ails you! Feel better

Sherrie said...

The girl is rotten!!! She is a joy even when she is making a glorified mess!!!! I can't believe we got all that lotion out of her hair!!!!

Deandra said...

What fun pictures. She is a mess!!

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