Monday, January 26, 2009

* Stephen....

Some of my fondest memories of LCA is the little boy...Stephen Ray Sloan.
I can remember all the many, many prayers that were prayed for you and then the day Bro. & Mrs. Sloan got the call that Stephen was coming. The 1st Sunday you were brought to church and how you were the star of the whole FWB denomination. So many people far and near had prayed so many prayers that you belonged to everyone.
Then who would have ever know I would be the one who was so blessed that I got to have you in my class. You see, I taught the K-4 class and you would not go to your class you wanted "Lawler" (that was what he called me, my last name then). So many days I carried you everywhere we went because you were so small you could not keep up with my 4 yr olds. When I lefted LCA and my hometown to move Dothan some 18 years ago, I often (daily) wondered what little Stephen was doing, did he still eat Green eggs and ham for breakfast, did he still loved being read to and carried . I would almost always hold him during chapel.
I love this little guy like he was my own. I had not seen Stephen, not even a picture until about a month ago when I found him on Facebook. He is now married and headed to Med-School. He is a man now but I still see my little Stephen, the little boy that I was so blessed to have mothered so many years ago, he still has the very same smile that I've remembered for all these years.
You never know at the time you do things how you will affect those around you or how the ones you've taught at such a young age will turn out. But I do know , Stephen made a mark on my life and memories I will cherish forever.
I love you Stephen Sloan and God bless you and Blair.
Stephen (on the left) & Blair...

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