Saturday, February 11, 2012

* Moving Back???

Well, I really don't know where to start.... But... looks like we are moving back!!!!!!

September 2010, two weeks before Kamren was born we moved to 102 Sterling Ridge. We left a 2600 sq. ft home with a pool ( i think about a 27 yr old home). Kyle and myself were devastated to leave our beloved pool and his best friend since birth Chance. This was the home were I gave birth ti Kyle on the backporch in the Hot Tub. Lot's of memories!!!!
With the help of maw maw, Matt, MeLeah and Chris we moved out and was all unpacked in 2 days. Wow!!! me and little Kyle was lost in this big thing and thought we would never call it home. Two weeks later Kamren was born here in the downstairs bedroom. We lived here until September 2010 exactly 10 years to the date.

We moved out 17 months ago with the intent that the leasers would be buying it after a year. Well the luck of the Eriksen's is... things did not work out and looks like we will move back until it sells... I do not look forward to packing and moving, but I think Kyle will love having the upstairs for his friends to enjoy his last year at home.
17 months ago a couple knocked on our door made a offer and ask us to be out in 5 days!!!!! Should I say that we had lived here 10 years, Kamren was born here and sooooo many memories and some 18 years of stuff. I found a rental home on Wednesday and we were moved out by Friday. We left alot of stuff,( which was in the agreement that we would get when they purchased the house) my beloved Gran-Piano which I have not seen since the day we walked out. I hope and pray everything is still there and that the house is in good condition..
It's a bitter sweet journey back, but when life gives us Lemons we will try to make Lemonade.

I will say this little home has been cozy and quick to clean and very nice to call the Landlord when something is broken..but...I just don't know how I should feel at the moment...I guess we will take it a day at a time.

102 Was a beautiful home with lots of space for fun and each of us have our own space, It will be nice not to hear the person in the other room breathe and have a place to park three cars.

With Spring just around the corner..I guess this is just another season for me... God has a plan and we just have to go along for the ride..

Moving Time!!!!!!!!!!!

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