Sunday, January 27, 2008


Where does the time go? Weekend's are never long enough. We went to church, did lunch, chilled and then Kamren and myself went to church with the Peaks to see Josh's play. Every time I go to their church it brings back so many memories of home and how I miss home today. I miss the small church I grew up in, there is nothing like your home church. CUMC was good today, it was about conflict between spouse. How I wish some of us could get it right. I talk to Starla at church it was the first time since before Christmas. I don't know when I've talked to Deandra. We need a trip to the beach! MeLeah called today and I could hear Maddie just a rambling, how I wish I could hold her if only for a minute, and then to go to Sherri's church I have really gotten the homesick bug. Well it's another week and a full school week. 12 days until we sail.

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