Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Becky Clark

The first sunday school teacher we had when we moved to Dothan was Ken Clark. I would sit in his class and listen to him talk about his wife and girls and wonder could he be for real. I can still remember the Sunday he and Edwin Morris tagged team on the family, they told stories about their children and the one I remember most is the one Ken told about praying for his girls husbands to be, now this was back in 1992 so the girls were very young I think Becky had just began battle with cancer. December 2007 Becky with to be with the Lord and I found the wonderful Blog site of Abby's. Each day I race to the Blog to read a new Blog of Abby's, she is truly a Ken & Becky Clark. I just read were she found her mothers journal were Becky and Ken knelted at Abby's bed and prayed for her and her date after they had left for a date. It all came back to me that this man was for real, he really lived what he taught. Becky may be gone from her loved ones but she lives on in her girls. I love and can't wait to read her next blog.( The maddox family)

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