Saturday, January 26, 2008


What a sweet morning ! I had just taken Kamren and Kyle to school when I got a call from Jonathan. I had sent all the babies a Valentine box and Jonathan had called to thank me, this was on Tuesday. This morning he calls me back to thank me again, of course Melanie has to translate most of the conversation. She told me that when they got the pkg. she had dinner ready so she told Jonathan and Makayla if they cleaned their plate they could have the Fruit Loop cereal straws for dessert. Jonathan was quick to clean his plate and they had a little tea party with their cereal straws and their new tea sets. So this morning he was having his straw breakfast and wanted Na Nay to know. I was so touched over what a little thing like a cereal straw could light up a child's day. Our life in Dothan is so caught up in work, school and ball we forget the little things. I quickly grabbed six boxes of cereal straws and shipped them to Kentucky, so my little babies could have their daily delights. Jonathan will never know how that call made my day. It is very hard not seeing the babies, so thank goodness they are getting big enough to call. Thursday night after Kyle's basketball game my smallest of the five gave me a call, of course it was all coo's but it is still wonderful to hear. Meleah, Drew and Madison are back in the Ozark's trying to get settled into their new home. I don't know when I will see them again so for now the next best thing is phone calls. Kamren just played his last basketball game for the year scoring 4pts. So now it's off to the baseball park.

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Melanie said...

Thanks again for the cereal straws Na Nay. They were really good!!
Love, Possum and Squirrel

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