Thursday, April 3, 2008

* Miracle League...

My heart and mind is overwhelmed tonight! It Is Confession Time. It has been a very long, tiring day of non-stop running. Dr. Ken Humber came down yesterday and spent the day with us and then off to the ballpark for Kamren's practice. After practice we went over to the Miracle Field to watch Justin Peak & David Darty ( they are Big Brothers to the children). Justin had a little boy and David had a little girl. They help the children bat, run the bases and anything else they needed during the ballgame. I knew before I went it would be hard to watch because anyone who knows me know I cry a lot, but I really didn't realize it would be that bad. I was there only seconds and I began to tear up, I really thought it was for the little guys but the ages range from 4yr olds to 60 yr olds. Not only did it make me miss my grand babies but it was heart breaking to see the struggles these kids have everyday, all day long 24/7. The struggles the parents face daily 24/7. I thought about the problems I have with Kamren in school and then I'm reminded how most of these parents wish they had my kind of problems instead of problems that can't be fixed. The joy these kids had to hit the ball (even if it was a tiny knock), run the base(run,walk, wheelchair) and then to make it to home you would have thought it was the greatest day of their life. I stood there with tears in my eyes, I could not hold it any longer. I was reminded again how blessed I am as a mother of five and grand mother of five, to have perfect, no flaws in their health able to run, jump, climb all the things most of these kids will never be able to do. I was quick to see all the problems in the world that I think I might have is mediocre compared to the daily lives of these kids. I get home to be faced with the ordeal of Travel Ball and the problem of rain messing up our weekend arrangements being alter and then I'm brought back to the Miracle League. I really must stay focused on the smaller things in life. What if ? I had no reason to travel to watch two healthy boys play ball. What if? I had no homework with Kamren. We never know what each day holds and I must always remember it can all be taken away in seconds. I guess my Red Bird tonight was sent to me through the Miracle League. Lord forgive me for taking my eyes off you and wallowing in pity. Thank you for my healthy family!

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