Saturday, May 10, 2008

* Happy Mother's Day!!!

I guess you can say it comes with AGE, but until you have children of your own and live miles away from your Mom, you really can't appreciate the true meaning of Mother nor do you really know how to appreciate them until your not near them or with you.
Melanie & Meleah both live away and I got a call not long ago from Melanie saying they didn't know how me and my sister did it with 6 kids. The answer is: we always had Mother. We spent time with Mother daily and our 6 kids looked at Mother as their Mother as much as a grandmother. Kyle & Kamren will never have that kind of relationship with Mother because of the distance between us. I will never have that kind of closeness with my grand babies.
I would give anything to be near my Mom. I love her more today than ever. She made me what I am today and so many talents I have started with her.
Happy Mother's Day to you Mother and my girls!!!!

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