Wednesday, May 7, 2008

* A week with the boys!!!!

Nothing much going on with the Eriksen's boys but BALL!!!!!!
Kamren plays Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.
Kyle has practice Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday and tournaments on the weekends.
We will be in Hoover this weekend for a super Nit, trying to get to Disney. Last weekend we were in Ga were we play 2 games on Saturday and 3 on Sunday, winning 4 out of 5 finishing second. The Hooks are not use to loosing and it was a very hard fall taking second after a very long day of 3 games back to back with NO breaks. They have a 29/3 record. Taking second place once. Kamrens' team has won 7 out of 3 games with 2 more to go. His game on Tuesday was great, the last inning all 12 kids made it in with no outs (23/10) We Won!!!!!

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