Sunday, July 13, 2008

* Happy Birthday Kyle !!!

My 4th child is 14 today.
Kyle is a very sweet, loving, respectful boy. He is 99.9% of the time a even, chilled out personality child. He loves sports and rarely ever ask for anything, he is much like his brother Matthew. He is full of fun and everywhere we go he has friends and girls to follow him. I will never forget the night he was born "708 Canterbury DR" on the deck of our back porch in a jacuzzi, with Grecthen my midwife, Mom, Dad, Matt & Meleah . He was born with the blackest head of head and was so dark skin and eyes wide open. He now is taller than me, still has that dark head of hair and a beautiful smile. I know he will be much like Matt when it comes to the girls " Mother thinks she will have to be perfect" he has had 5 girls this summer already. We were at Shuckums on the beach and we look over at his table and he had 20 cheerleaders at his table, THEY were getting his cell number. Kyle is a little "BLONDE" at times but is a hoot to be around. I never would have thought I would be saying this, but I love and live to watch him play ball, he is a joy to watch. He has always been a loner at home but when in a group he is the leader of the band. Kirk & I worried when he was little he would never have friends because of were we lived and how we worked, but once he started school all worries were gone. Everyone loves Kyle. Happy Birthday Kyle, I Love You!!!

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cricket said...

I was only 11 years old mother I don't believe I had a boyfriend present at Kyle's birth.

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Kyle!

Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Kyle!!!!!

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