Tuesday, July 29, 2008

* Happy Birthday Melo!!!

My 1st born is 29 today!!!

Mothers never forget the birth of their 1st. We were living in Nashville when I became pregnant with Melanie. We had no insurance, so we decided I would move back home with my parents while Melanie's daddy finished out the school year at "FWBBC". He was the Associate Pastor at my home church so we were coming home every weekend anyway, so if I moved back home I would not have to make the trips plus I could use my "little home town Dr". Dr. Sewell Had delivered me and my Sister & Brother. I still have the Hospital bill of $500. Dr . Sewell's bill was "0". Melanie was due April 14th but did not come until July 29th. Needless to say: Every time I had a pain we were off to the hospital. That was the longest "9 months" of my life. Melanie did come in the middle of a Saturday night and she was born at 12:03 pm Sunday morning just in time for all the church members to come by, they all new I was in labor because I was the church pianist and I was not in church. Melanie was born: Melanie LaShae Lawler, Weighing 7lbs, 13oz and 21 inches long and a head full of black hair. She went to LCA, was a cheerleader, finished top in her class, with on to Southeastern FWB Bible College. She was counselor each summer at our hometown camp and that is were she met Joel Franks and married him the next spring. They live in Glasgow Ky and pastor the Glasgow FWB Church. They have 2 children: Jonathan & Makayla. Melanie is a very sweet, hard working wife, sister, Mother & daughter. I love you and I am very proud of you, I hope you have a great Birthday!!!!

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Cris said...

Just wanted to let you know your ticker for Bailey's birthday is wrong. His birthday is August 29. I've posted new pic. Take a look.

Cynthia said...

Matt gave me that date and I love the pictures.

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