Friday, September 12, 2008

* Do you need a Laugh?

I have always been a fan of ABBA.
So when the movie MAMA MIA came out I couldn't wait to see it (two nights in a row). Kirk gave me their CD collection for my Birthday a few years ago so I listen to them alot at home and in the car. I always lay with Kamen each night for him to go to sleep and I play the music on my laptop. One night I was singing along, Kamren rolls over and said "mom I didn't know you sing, why don't you make a record? The next day I was in the shower singing and he hears me and said " Mom why have you not told us that you sing? I said to Kamen I use to sing in a group at church all the time and he said " where is your Tapes of your music? I said I we didn't make any.
After seeing the movie I got their new DVD and play it on the weekends while I'm cleaning. Last week end Kamren came in and saw the DVD I was playing on TV and said " Mom you lied you do have a DVD of your group!!! LOL... He thinks I sung with ABBA ( I wish).
Each weekend if we are home most likely our home is filled with kids, last week end they were having a ping pong tournament on the back porch, Kamren and his friends came in to get a drink and I had on the Abba DVD, Kamren hollers "hey yall come watch my mom on TV, she is famous, that's her right there ( the red head) because I'm Red now, all his little friends came to watch while Kamren told them all about his mother in those crazy platform shoes and Flower Power Clothes.
Kyle and his friends are now checking out this piece of news. When Kyle saw Abba he hollers out " Kamren you are crazy that is not our mother or Mrs. Angie (the Blondie), then he hollered to me, Mom tell him that's not you, and I look at Kyle and say, Kyle leave him alone if he wants to think I'm famous let him have his Famous Mom.
Me..... Mrs. ABBA?.... Have you ever seen me dance?{ I don't think so}....LOL

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Tonja said...

Well, I think everyone needs a double life...just go on and be Mrs. Abba! How highly Kamren thinks of you! Very sweet!

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