Monday, September 8, 2008

* Rainy Days and Mondays !!!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down!!! ( a Karen Carpenter song)
Rainy does not always mean a wet liquid, but it could mean "a pouring of woes"... "too much junk"... Bang! Bang! Bang!... "beat the work horse to death"
What do I say or where do I start?
First of all: Happy Birthday MeLeah!!!!!
The boys and I called her on the way to school, she is visiting Drew's parents in Springfield, MO.

For some reason I have always had a hard time dealing with Monday's, I have tried many things to try overcoming the awful "Monday Morning Blues" that seems to set in each Sunday evening.
What should have been a very slow day at CHI turned out to be a very busy day. "k" was in his normal mood ( not good).

I Skyped Sheri before going to work but princess Sophie had fell asleep right by the computer so we had to email. They sleep in China while we are working.

Picked boys up at school, dropped Kam off at Lynda's and then went back to work.

After work I picked up Kam and then Kyle to go watch Kirk officated the HA game. HA won 16-14.
Skyped Sheri before the game and Sophie spotted herself in the screen and got a little crazy and turned us off. So after the game I skyped her back and the Princess was getting a real Bath. Everyone one was so happy. I am so ready for them to get home.
Came home to wash and pack Kirk and Kyle's ball clothes for tommorrow. Kirk will be in Skipperville and Kyle has practice. Cooked dinner.

As you can see at 11:34pm I am still up blogging, It seems that there is never enough time for just me unless it is Midnight, so I take what I can get. I was going to clean my house from "EVIL SPIRITS" but it will have to wait, it will take gallons of salt anyway but I must give it a try. I will try anything. I was told to sprinkle Kosher Sea Salt on the floors and vaccum it up to clean the BAD VIBES from your life ...LOL... it will take truck loads in my house, if I new it would work we would bathe in it.

Oh Well... I must try to rest, only God knows what tomorrow holds and I trust that I will be able to bear it, it seems that I grow weaker each day, wondering how much longer can I hold on...and then I look over to little Kamren and I put one foot in front of the other and start another day... If it were not for this little man I would throw in the towel. I love all my babies and they are what keeps me going.

Happy Birthday Matthew and MeLeah!!!!!!!!!!! I love you soooo much!!!!
Good night!

As you can

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Sherrie said...

Hey they have these things here in China that you hang by your bed and it will chase away the bad spirits in your house. I guess I need to buy you a case of them!!! LOL!! I am sorry that I am not there for you! Hang on I will be home soon!!! Love you!!!!

Cynthia said...

I need you some much!!!!
I know it won't be long and I can't wait to hug you, Love you!
Yes I need a case, I sprinkled salt all over the house and office, now I think I need to just throw it at "Satan"

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