Friday, September 5, 2008

* TGIF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Peaks are off to granzho, the last leg of the trip.
I just talk to them and they are delayed at the airport and Miss Sophie was having a blast with PlayDough. The picture above is so sweet, Justin has been a wonderful big brother. Any one who knows Justin knows he doesn't let many people into his space, so hearing and seeing all he has done with Sophie is very sweet and loving. I pray Sophie does well on the flight and can't wait to hear the news in the morning.

Kamren's week has a good ending, I met with his teacher today and she said all is well and he had made a 90% turn since Monday. Thank you for the prayers!!!!!!

Melanie & kids are in Winfield visiting this week while Joel & his dad are on a hunting trip in Colorado. She got a call last night that Joel was in the hospital with chest pains. Pray that everything will be ok.

Meleah & babies are visiting in Springfield with Mike's parents. I pray that they have a nice and safe visit.

It has been a very long week. I need a relaxing weekend.

Love yall!!!

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