Friday, October 2, 2009

* Ladell Hill

Ladell Hill;
Founder of Taste of Earth, Celebrity Wellness /Fitness consultant.
The boys finally got to meet him yesterday. He came down to do a Health Class at CHI, speak to the JV/Varsity Football teams at PCS, Tapping's about his products with Ann Varnum and then to get Kyle on a daily regiment off body workouts/ Eating habits. It's a very tough regiment but Kyle can do it. Kyle hit the floor this morning with a 100 push ups, 8 eggs for breakfast, two bags of chicken and fruit to be eaten during school. He is also taking Ladell's Greens, Men's Pills and a host of other products that he has with Healthy Promise. We had a very nice visit(a very packed day) with lots of information given.
Of course there were autographs and lots of questions from Kamren, like how do you get your veins to pop out of your arms and the list goes on.
He will be coming back monthly to do camps with the football team and private workout sessions.
Thanks!!! Ladell for taking time out of your busy life to share with all of us in Dothan, AL

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