Saturday, October 10, 2009

* PCS vs Ariton...27-19

Kyle warming up before the storm...

Last night we traveled to Ariton to play ball. This game if we got a win would put us into the play offs. This is also the team that has the 230 lb, 6'4 Craig Sanders (BTW...Kyle said Craig was a very nice guy on the field)on it that just committed to Alabama. We already knew that Kyle a mere 145 lb at his heaviest would have to go up against him. Kyle took some very hard hits from him but was looking like he was taking it okay. We were only minutes from half time when Kyle went up for a pass and there he was and took Kyle down by his helmet. Kyle laid there lifeless and the first thing that goes through a mothers mind is GET UP!!!! Knowing my son the way I know him he always jumps up quickly, but this time he was down ( a very sick feeling runs through my body, it was a JP moment all over). He does get up and it was his neck. During half time Kirk checked him out and gave the okay to play. He tells us after the game he thought his neck was being ripped off his body, a very scary feeling he said. Kyle is a very tough kid to be so frail looking(we are working on this through Ladell Hill).
Kyle comes back in after the half, I'm always recording so I don't always see things as they are happening but Alex threw a pass Kyle caught the ball and was gone like lighting for a 58 yard Touchdown giving the Providence Eagles the winning Touchdown and sealing their win to the State.
He has spent most of the day today sleeping, eating, sleeping, eating, moving very slowly and watching Kam play football and now college football.
Kyle is one tough kid that will let nothing stop him. He has until Tuesday to recover, so he will be eating and sleeping alot.
In the end I thank the Lord for putting his arms and Angels around him and protecting my little KyKy... He has a very whiplashed neck, cut to the eye and lots of sore muscles.

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