Saturday, April 18, 2009

* CHI...2009

This weekend Kamren has had a friend to sleep over. Teddy is #9 of 10 children and he has been a delight. His dad is a Colonel and has been in Afghanistan for the past year and he was sent to Washington this week for meetings and his Mom flew there to be with him for the week. CHI played Tuesday, Thursday & today. We won today 10/9. Kamren was pitcher and had 7 hits to him and he snag the ball and threw to 1st base to make the outs. He also made 1 Home run today. We left the Baseball park and then on to the gym for Kyle's 2 Basketball games and they won both of those games. It has been a very busy weekend. As you can see in the pictures, Teddy was nailed between the eyes with the ball leaving the seam of the ball in his skin.

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