Sunday, April 26, 2009

* Sleep-Over at Nai's....

Yesterday Sherri & Ricky went to Auburn for Lance's ROTC Dining out Ceremony(Air Force I think) and Miss Sophie had a sleep-over with us. We had quite a busy day! Sophie is a very busy little girl, always on the run. We played in the sprinklers, tree house,Basketball, movies, more sprinklers, Waffle house at 10:30 pm and then to Walmart for Oreo's and milk, were we saw a real princess (it was prom night in Dothan and there were Princess everywhere)

While we were eating at Waffle House she suddenly became sleepy and said she would sleep with Kam until her Mommy got through "Dancing"..LOL.. She knew her mommy & daddy were on a date and she had asked me earlier in the day if they were dancing and I just said yes, so she didn't forget.

When we got home she said "Nai, mommy forget Sophie's PJ's, I will have to wear Nai's PJ's...LOL. So in my room we went to look for PJ's to fit Miss Sophie. We quickly dressed her and up she went to Kam's bed. When I got there she was on the bottom bunk and Kam on the top bunk and she told me to sleep with "Misser Kirk". I waited for her to fall alseep and then Kam and myself put his mattress next to her and we all were fast alseep. This was to easy and I could not believe when I woke this morning she had slept ALL night without crying for her mommy. " A very BIG GIRL!

I heard her wiggling around about 7am and I peeked to see what she was doing and when she saw my eyes the 1st thing out of her mouth was " Clara's park Nai"....Pic a nic Nai?(she had been to Clara's birthday party here)

So up we got, went to get our picnic food(McDonald's pancakes) and off to the Highlands. When we got home she and Kam were hot so they got the pool and slip and slide out and swam until I got lunch ready. After lunch Nai was EXHAUSTED and we watched a movie and took a nap until mommy and daddy woke us up. What a fun 24 hrs, but I told Sherri she deserves a nap everyday when Shophie takes her nap. Sophie makes very sure that she makes every American minute count. She is on a mission from the time her feet hits the floor.

It has been a long time since I have had to be hands on 24/7 and it made me think of M, M & M and their little ones. They all have 2 little "Sophie's" and I just had one... Yes I know, I am getting old and that's why you have babies young.

Love you all and miss all my babies. I wish you all could be closer and have sleep-overs with you.

Nai Nai,

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Melanie said...

Sounds like ya'll had an exciting sleepover. Wish Possum and Squirrel could have been there to play with "Nophie".

Sherrie said...

OMGOODNESS!!! LOL!!!!! Thank you for taking care of my princess!!! I am so proud of her for being a big girl. Next time I will make sure she gets her PJ's!!!!

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