Friday, April 10, 2009

* Getting ready for Easter...

Sherrie & Sophie invited me to a girls morning out today at Fancy Nails. It has been a long day and we ended it with dying eggs. Sophie is so full of questions. Her big thing these days are "why". She went with me to Wal-Mart Yesterday and everything was "why"or "what's that and she would always reply with Sophie did that in China. She is trying hard to be a big girl and wear big girl panties. She said the Easter Bunny was bringing her a watch for Easter becan (because) she was going to the potty now. I hope Mommy knows that. LOL
Each Tuesday & Thursday when I have her she will ask where Squirrel & Possum are and I have to tell her they will be back soon. Love you all and Happy Easter!!!!!

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