Tuesday, April 28, 2009

* Tuesday Tumbles...

Kyle: Tummy Cramps..........7:45 am Jonathan: Stiff Neck.....8:00 am

Madison: Cut open Toe...ER trip/stitches...12:04 pm
What started off to be a normal day all changed in a matter of seconds, and as the day progressed along it kept getting worse.
Kyle woke up to stomach cramps but got dressed for school. On the way to take Kamren to school he quickly grew worse and begged for home. I took him home were he spent the day.
On the way home with Kyle around 7:41 am Melo called to say Possum woke up with a catch in his neck and was very much in pain.
After getting lunch and heading to CHI, Cricket call to say they were in the ER with Priss who had sliced her toes into with some kind of dog brush. End results: 5 stitches.
A very busy day, but as I type all is well........
Pray for the All the babies to heal so they can make their yearly beach trip with Nana Bama & Poppa.

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