Sunday, May 10, 2009

* Happy Mother's Day....

I have NO pictures of my Mother by her self, she has always been surrounded by babies. As long I can remember "le I" has loved and been loved by all children. Today she still teaches Sunday School, and between 3 children, 9 grandchildren and 11 great-gran children there is always children around. She is know for putting out large tables of food, were many visitors walk in the door and are sitting quickly to taste her ware's.
I thank the Lord daily for my mother and the few short years I lived at her. She is responsible for all the talents that I have. She taught me to cook, clean, sew, love, and all the love and passion I have for crafts.
My only regret today is that we live so far apart, but we try to talk many times a week. If we as teenagers could look in a crystal ball and see the future we would soak up every minute of our Mother's time. Oh, if I had only gotten that recipe or why did I not to make a button hole while learning to sew. I will say I learned at a very young age when we lost my grandmother to cancer, that time was short and there were so many thing I wish now that I had learn from her. I think I have gotten many of my mother's treasures, I still need to learn how to make coco gravy, one of Kyle and my favorite things when we go to Winfield.
Thank you Mother for all the things you have given me in life, but most of all... Thank you for being a great christian example...I love you!

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The Cosby's said...

Oh the cocoa gravy! Mother makes it too and we love it! She actually makes up the mix and gives it to me and Misty so all we have to do is add the water. All my friends ask for me to make it for them constantly.

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