Monday, May 25, 2009

*Kamren's Speech...

Thursday Kamren was asked to give a speech on what he learned and liked about Speech class. He began speech when he was at Northside (3p) and continued thru K5 at Kelly Springs when Mrs. VanDoorn caught on to his games that he was trying to stay in the class on purpose not because he needed it. Kamren sees her in the office(CHI) often and begs her to let him come back. A couple of weeks ago she was in the office and he began begging her again and she said " I'll tell you what we can do, we are getting ready for our graduation from Speech class and how would you like to come and give a speech on what you learned and how speech has helped you". Much to our surprise, we get an invite to the party/Graduation to hear his speech. I went and video the speech and he really did a great job and he thought he "THE MAN".

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