Monday, May 18, 2009

* A visit from Cricket...

M,M&M are at the beach this week with their dad. Cricket, Drew, Priss & Bubba stopped by and spent the weekend with us on their way down. We had not seen them since Christmas and my how bubba had grown, he was walking everywhere.
Time does fly by and all those little milestones are just memories. I loved the time we had together, trying to cram every little second in to a short time, but I loved it all.
It does make me sad when they leave thinking about how long and when will I see them again.
Love you and I hope they have a great time at the beach!

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Sherrie said...

The traditional staircase picture! Love it! Sorry we didn't get to see Priss but I could just eat Bubba Love up!!!!!!! He is so squishy!!!!!

Holly said...

Awesome photos! Looks like a great time! :)

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