Saturday, June 16, 2012

* Happy Father's Day !!!!!!!

 Where do I begin?
My Dad is the Best!!!!  If he or I died today this is how I would remember my Dad.. I thank God daily for my Christian Dad.. When we were small and still at home, each night we had devotion and prayer before going to bed, we prayed before each meal, he was and still is a Deacon in the church, S.S. Teacher, Bus Driver, Children's Church Leader, Was the Leader of the Bible Bowl Team and many, many more hats in the church.... At home he was a hard worker, he worked full time in the Coal Mines, many nights when we told him bye as we were going we would pray that God would bring him back home to us as there were many times we would get the call he had been hurt and was in the hospital. Rocks have fallen on him, he has been electrocuted and badly burned and many other close calls but God has always given him back to us. Around the home he has a love for his garden, each time I go home, I always bring home fresh produce from his garden, Blueberries from his trees, he loves being outside. One of the most close to my heart things that always make me smile is when I come down the stairs to see him in his chair reading the Bible. My Dad loves the Lord and he loves his family. I thank God for all the sweet memories this man has given me and for always giving us the promise he would never leave us. I never in all the years I lived at home and even now had any fear of the word DIVORCE, that was never heard in our home,, Why?????  He put God 1st, Family 2nd, Church and then the needs to carry on a home life for us.  I think you can ask anyone that knows my Dad and they will say the same. Each time I leave my Dad, I know there is a chance he will be gone from this earth, and I tell him bye knowing this in my heart, but I have peace in knowing my dad will be sitting in Heaven with God, receiving  his crown loaded in stars for all his hard work done here on this earth. ..Happy Father's Day Daddy!!!!.....  I Love You!

 Happy Father's Day to the Father of "the Eriksen boys"
I have spent quite some time looking for some newer pic but I must have put them on a hard drive. Kirk loves his boys and here are a few of the earlier times. In the last ???? how many years?? most of his time with these two have been spent playing/coaching ball. It is so scary to see how much your children grow up to become just like the parent. Both boys have their dads genes but Kamren looks and acts like Kirk gave birth to him without pics make me smile to think of the good times when they were smaller but tears thinking about how quickly the time has flown and Kyle is about to be off at College. When I look at my boys with all the Love I have for them, how can I not Love this man?  Happy Father's Day!!!!!

And Happy Father's Day to my son!!!!  Matthew......
There is a war going on at the Eriksen Home over "Matthew" .... Kyle and Kamren are quickly to tell me that "we know Matt is you favorite.... If you know Matthew he is just easy to Love, always smiling, loves everyone, he wants everyone just to be together and have fun,, if left up to Matt we would all just have fun all day and never work or worry about tomorrow.... He is the sweetest Dad.."much like my dad" and loves his wife and his sweet babies...He is a precious son and has always respected his mom... He would never in a million years say something to hurt me... I love you Matt and Happy Father's Day!!!!  You make your mom proud!!!!

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