Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Ortho Cruise

Well, as you can see one of us had a blast. Our trip began leaving Dothan Feb. 8 driving to Dr. Julie Hunt's in Clearwater to spend the night. On the way down Kirk ran and hid from three cops, we were like 2 teenagers hiding in the dark, Kirk was so intense it was crazy how he was shaking, then he would talk to Dr. Bo or Ken and brag about it and then ten miles down the run he comes another cop. We get to Dr. Hunt's new three story beach home and we were on the third story and he goes to walk out the wrap around porch and he walks right through their screen door, the door flys of the door and Kirk is stopped by the railing.
Saturday,9 we drive one hour to the port and set off on our cruise. I was at one point the only female other than Dr. Hunt in the group, Bridgette had gotten sick on the plane and we did not see her for a while. I did meet Dr. Drew Hall and his wife Molly, she was a delight to be with. Drew was like having two Kirk's, they were made for each other as you can see in the pic's. The first day at sea was great with lots of sun. Day 2 was spent in Cozumel, we rented a Jeep and thank goodness we had Dr. Bo to drive us around. The roads there are very bad and washed out and no room to meet other cars. We drove around the Island. The first stop was at Playa Maya Beach were Kirk and I Parasailed, why I don't know but after I got up there it was beautiful. We then drove down to Coconut Island to look for Dr. Bo's hidden treasure ( he has a GPS Treasure Hunt he goes all over looking for hidden treasures, you find them, sign them, take the treasure and leave something in it's place). We did find one out of two hidden there. We then went down to this beach were the ocean had uncovered a Coral Reef and when the ocean comes in it forms these beautiful water sprays that you see in the picture of Drew and Kirk trying to stop it up. As we were leaving the beach Kirk sees this beautiful HUGE rock and vows to bring it home, so here we go through the guards with this rock(Coral) wrapped in my towel, we acted as we did'nt know him but he got through. Cozumel looked very much the same it did 2005. Back to the boat to get ready for dinner and Karaoke. After Kirk's act on stage he was ask to sing with the boat dancers the next night and won that night's contest.
Day 3 Belize, we had to catch tender boats to get to this Island which took about 30 minutes each way. We also had to be back on the boat each day by 3:30pm which did not give us alot of time since some of us can't get out of bed early(Kirk). Drew and Molly had already gotten a Jungle Tour before they came on the cruise so it was Bo, me and Kirk today. We rode over in the tender boat and were met at the dock by locales offering tours, we took the snokel and private beach. We were put on another small boat and drove 20 minutes to this beautiful Island that looked much like the Blue Lagoon. Kirk and Bo were then took out some 20 minutes out in the ocean to snokel and I was lefted on the Island alone to sun. Dr. Bo and Kirk made a treasure spot and hid it on this Island nameing it Doc Ortho and Viking Nole. They entered it in the world wide GPS Treasure Hunt. We were then loaded back on the boat to go back to dock were we had 10 minutes to shop before catching the tender boat back to the ship. Back on the ship we got dress for dinner and the Karaoke and Adult Savager Hunt. This was also the night Kirk was to sing and dance with the ship's dancers as you see below, he was Steven Tyler. We had teams of five and a number, we were number 11. A item was called out and male or female was told what to find, you could only get these clues from your team. The last clue was( 1 male bring up with your number, a purse, wearing high heel shoes, no shirt, necklace, wearing a bra, eye brows painted with ladies lipstick. Kirk and Bo were so scary!
Day4, we were at sea all day. The day began with lots of sun as we leave Belize and Cuba but as the day goes on we hit STORMS!!!!! and I mean STORMS!!!!!! we were tossed around so much, you could not walk, sit or lay with out the rocking. We were forced to spend our last day getting sicker and sicker. This was the night Kirk was to sing in the final top ten Karaoke Contest and he was sooooo sick he could not even eat his last BIG meal. I don't think many people could eat we were all toasted. We all made it down to the bottom of the boat for the contest and boy was it ever rocking, we would get up to walk and it was a task just to get up. Kirk was the last to sing and somehow he made it through and did fine. We tried not to go to our room until we had to. Bo, Kirk and I were in staterooms(a Jail Cell would have been bigger) with NO WINDOWS on the 3rd and 4th floors so when we got in our beds they rocked and swayed ALL night. I thought at times we were going to sink. The next morning we had to be up and off by 8:00am. Back to the real world. We had a great time and I met a new Friend who was very much like me, alone and without kids(other than our big kids Drew and Kirk) and worried about not having anyone to hang with. Thanks Bo, Drew and Molly for hanging out with us. This is just a few of the memories we will have forever.

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