Saturday, February 23, 2008


Well, What a week!
I thought Friday would never come. With Beverly leaving and over 100 phone calls for the job it has been a rollercoaster. Kirk and I spent all afternoon returning calls to girls that seem to have no clue. Most of them could not even say Chiropractic (cowpractic) much less answer the phone. Maybe if we could run an office by Texting we could get a better crowd. I did learn one thing from all these unemployed people, most of them have a new car but no job. How do you figure that? When I was growing up, you got a job first. Oh well, I hope we can do a better job with our kids. I was up until 2:30am looking at resume's because I thought I could sleep in only to be woke up at 7:ooam by the phone. On a sunnier side, we hope Kyle gets to play ball today, with all the rain his last two games were rained out and today's game is being played later to let the fields dry out. I have coughed all night and have sore throat, I guess it is my stress levels. MeLeah called and she hasn't been out for days due to snow, so I guess rain is not so bad. Kyle went to Lana Hunt's B'day party last night, he is really growing up fast. Where did my little, sweet KyKy go? Kamren, bless his heart he just wants a friend. Melo has been home all week and I didn't get to see her or the kids. I guess little Avery is growing so fast, Mother keeps me posted. Do the pics above make you wish for one more good time at the beach? The beach is calling my name. I look at these pics and can't believe have our kids have grown, they all still have their baby faces. Thanks again my sweet friends for so many fun memories!

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