Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Family of Friends

What a week!
It has been one week today since we returned from our cruise, and from getting news of Beverly's sad goodbye. It's hard enough to get off the boat and back to the norm but to then hear of a loss so great. Life does goes on. What would I do without Family? I have a REAL Family, a Chiropractic Family and my close wonderful Family I see everyday and do most everything with. I do miss the Chiro Family that I just spent a week in paradise with, we are connected mostly by our spouse and see each a couple times a year. Dr. Ken & Bridgette have been around as long as Kirk & I, and we have so many memories of our times together. Dr. Drew & Molly are new on our list, I have known Drew since he was in college but just met Molly and now I somehow feel a connection almost like they are my children. Dr. Shawn & Ashley were with us on our first cruise honeymooners and now have a child. Dr. Bo has been around forever and is just one of our family. James & Rhonda came into our lives only by the grace of God. James was about to take his life because of the pain he was in but he found Chiropractic and it saved his life and they have been a strong voice for us ever since, doing all his work for free.(James is a Lay Pastor). When we are together we try to soak up each other's time as much as we can not knowing when we will see each other again only to talk by phone or email.
Then I think of my blood family that I miss so badly at times I have to block them out. I try and talk to them daily to try to ease the pain of not seeing them. When we are together it is so important to me to take pictures and make the memories last until the next time together. Each day when I look out my kitchen window I am reminded of my Dad and how he climb the highest branch of our tree and hung the swing, built the tree house and put up a batting cage. Then I see the woods that Matt and myself cleared. These memories put the glue in my spine.
And then God blesses me with my Family of friends here in Dothan that I depend on daily. What would I do without you guys, you are like my mom and dad, sister and brother altogether. You guys fill the void in all the above. I am as I type this blog on a conference call with members from all three families and just to hear their voices seem to make this nasty day all better. I was reminded earlier today when reading a blog from Abby Maddox of how much we need these memories to get us through our everyday lifes. I have so many, many memories from all three families of our cruise, sports and watching our children grow and no matter how far apart we are we will have our memories. I thank God daily for all of you! I guess I said all of this to say: even when I don't have my Mom & Dad or Melo, Matt & MeLeah God gives me all of you. When I don't have the Grandbabies I have your children to fill the space, Kyle & Kamren to keep me busy. Baseball has begun and we will have another family, we are always bless with people to love and spend time with. Life here on earth is so short and I want to make every second count.

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