Wednesday, February 6, 2008


The old saying you " you pay for your raising through your children" has really hit hard with this sweet child. Kamren never misses anything, can be the most loving child and the next second turn on you. I don't know what is going on in school, I have done everything in my power but go to school with him and I am at my wits end. Each morning begins with him being sick or hurt somewhere and each day ends much the same. Today it started with a sore throat and ended with a tooth ache. Because we are leaving Friday I rush him to the dentist for him to say it was just a bad bite to a Apple. While waiting at the Dentist office I go through his backpack to find his folder full of bad notes and grades only to be told later by family it's all my fault. I don't spend enough time with him. Do mother's ever do anything right? I sure don't. I end every school night doing homework, to be ask by family "do you ever sit down and help him" yes this has upset me just alittle. Oh well I guess I'll never get it right. All Five of my children are different, but I think Kam is about to break me.
On the sunny side : when Kamren is not trying to get out of school, he is throwing ball, shooting hoop and his new thing is working out with weights. He is Kirk made over with his IPOD shouting out music while he works out. I know he lives in his brother's shadow and has to try and out do Kyle in everything and the funny thing is he runs a close race.
Kyle is busy with school and baseball, and getting ready for PCS Antellbella Gala.

Melanie's family was saved from the deadly storms last night and MeLeah is getting snow.
Crystal went back to work Monday and little Avery went to a Nanny.

3 days until will sail!

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