Saturday, February 16, 2008

Welcome Home!

What a wonderful, relaxed, fun filled week. Thanks to my wonderful parents who allowed us to take a trip without the boys. I missed them both but was so glad they chose to stay. Our boat was full of OLDER Saints. For once I felt young again, and not the oldest one in the group. Every where we went, no matter what time of the day we were surrounded by the older crowd. Maybe there is hope for us all. I knew when we left Dothan we would have no worries about the boys, they were in good hands. Six days without e-mails and phones was wonderful, but the moment you pull into port the cell phones began to ring, some good and some bad.
I have to admit I could not wait to hear my boys voice and to talk to Melanie, Matt, MeLeah, Mom & Dad. It seems as if the only time I get my parents in Dothan, I am going somewhere. I could not wait to just sit and talk to them awhile. Dad had worked all week putting the boys up a batting cage and Mom had been busy with Aunt Lynda. Jonathan & Makayla had gotten their package and Madison had been very sick. Back to the REAL world. Back to work, school, homework, and baseball, baseball and baseball. This is our life and I think my parents were really tired of all the running back and forth with two boys. All of this becomes a natural everyday thing for me and I really don't know what to do if we are not running.
The one piece of news we were not prepared for was an e-mail sent to us on Monday while we were on the cruise (thank goodness we could'nt get e-mail on the ship) that our one CA other than me had taken a new job after being with us some 11 years. This would give us three working days to replace her. HELLO! We had been to Paradise and suddenly jerked back to the real world. I was so very tired and sick from the last day on the boat, from the bad rocking of the storms that I found myself wanting to climb into my parents lap and become a child again. I just wanted to retreat to some kind of safe hiding place, I was numb, totally lost for any kind of words much less try to think of some kind of answer for what we had just been told. Kirk had called to check in on the way home and she said ,by the way did you get my e-mail? Not only did I have this problem, report cards came home that very same day and Kamren's was deadly. I don't remember much about my parents last night with us because all I could think of is what do I do first and where do I start. I do believe that God takes care of his own and he will provide, but sitting back and waiting is not one of my strong points. I just wanted to load up and leave with my parents. What a great week we had to come home to this. I am looking for the good in it but not finding it. I ask myself, is it worth taking time off to pay for it in this way? Yes, over the last 15 years I have seen dozens of girls come and go and I could see it coming, and everyone can be replaced, but Bev was like family and I don't care to replace her, I just can't make myself think of hiring again. Yes, I know things could be worst and I know I will be there to pick up the pieces with work and Kamren, but for now I'm lost without words. I want to go home! I need Daddy to make it all go away.Could I please just go to sleep and wake up for it all to be over. We never out grow our need for parents. When life gives you lemons, yes we must make lemonade, but I don't have the receipe today. Yes, this is the real world. Welcome home!

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