Tuesday, August 5, 2008


What a day today has been!!!
My day started off very quite as I prepared for my live tapings at WTVY with Angie Casey. I had gotten up, got dressed and was just about to sit down and go over what as was going to talk about when the phone rang and it was Kirk screaming that it was 8:05 and Angelica was not at work. I began to call her to get no answer, so off I run to the rescue. I had not planned on going in this morning so I could prepare and it was the last morning at home before school starts tomorrow. Both boys had Dental appointments, Kyle still needed shoes and I just needed the morning off. I quickly called Judy to take the boys to the Dentist, I worked until I had to rush to the set just in time to sit down, get miked up and bang I was on the 12:00 news LIVE!!!! What a morning. Never say things can't get worse. I finished the show, rushed back to the office feeling like it was all a dream and nothing ever happened. I really could not tell you what we talked about nor did I care. Thanks to Judy, she carried the boys to the appts, out to lunch, got their shoes and then back home. I finished out the day at the office and then rushed out to take Kamren to his open house at his school only to run face to face with my next DEMON. The 1st person we see when we drive up is "B". Kamren froze in his tracks, screaming he was not going in and he was not going to that school if she was going to be around. I had to do a lot of convincing him things would be ok. We go to meet his teacher only to meet our next DEMON, he quickly formed his opinion that he did not like her and did not speak one word to anyone other than "I HATE SCHOOL". I just kept praying, Lord please get me though this and get me home, I just want to die. I took Kamren back home and then I went back to the office to finish the day. Leaving the office I made a stop at Walmart to get Kamren's list of supplies and then home to a hungry house of boys. My goal was to have a Kamren in bed by 9:00pm. We had just gone to bed when I got a phone call from Angelica, after a hour on the phone things may be worked out with her but there was Kamren still wide awake at 10:30pm. As you can see at 11:55 I'm still up and shot. I don't know at this moment what I should have learned today but I know I'm drained. I only hope tomorrow brings some SUN.
Thanks Judy & Jan for coming to the "SOS" call, and thanks JON for giving up Judy today. I pray that tomorrow Kamren will do fine.

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