Thursday, August 21, 2008

*The Things that go BUMP in the night!!!!!!!!!!

Last night as always I had gotten Kamren asleep upstairs in his bed and I was back down stairs in my bed. All is well? Around 4:30am I was awaken by a horrifying scream "MY BACK IS BROKEN"(Kam) then I heard another loud scream (Kirk) "what is it"? I am usually a very light sleeper and how Kirk was up and in the middle of the foyer floor before me, I don't know. When I reach the hall, Kam is on the floor screaming and Kirk is on top of him, both screaming. After everyone settle down, Kam had woke up scared and was coming down the stairs with two cats and his Indiana Jones Man, one of the cats got spooked and off balanced him causing him to fall down the stairs, after falling he gets up and trips over Kirk"s suitcase that is at the front door knocking him back against the stairs hitting his back. Kirk hears him falling and thinks he is a burglar and grabs him and both of them fall to the floor. It was quite a scare!!!! We all go back to bed and try to get a couple hours of sleep. Kamren is fine and we all are laughing now.

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