Saturday, August 16, 2008

* My growing babies

My babies are growing so fast.
It seems like it's years in between visits to see them. What did we do before blogs. I am so glad they all blog often. Possum & Squirrel seem to always have some adventure going on, life in KY seems to be the BEST!!! It's always a treat to read about their days.It would not surprise me to hear these to kids join the Amish community, every time I talk to them they have been to the "Amish" to get veggies.Melo told us they were in a store and there was an Amish lady behind her checking out and she could already read Possum & Squirel's little minds and before she could stop him, Possum shouted out " mommy that's one of those Amish ladies". Last night Possum spent the night in the hospital having a sleep test. I have not heard from Melo but when I do I'll let everyone know.
Maddie & Kenzie look like they are racing to see who can grow the fastest. Little Kenzie's looks have changed so much and Maddie is just another little MeLeah, She seems to always be in the kitchen. Two babies under Two, in diapers and Two pacifiers, how well I remember those days. Enjoy!!! they will all to soon be gone.
Bailey & Avery looks like two twins. Bailey just had a B'day with a waterslide, gatorcake party and is back in school. Avery is learning to do things new each day and just being a toddler now. Avery , out of the six gets the best of the best "mawmaw & pawpaw". There is something about growing up around grandparents, I am so glad M,M& M got to grow up with them and they are like parents to them, I only wish K&K could have that same experience.

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