Wednesday, August 27, 2008

* The Peaks are off to China!!!!

This morning was a bitter/sweet goodbye to my friends.
Kamren & Myself took them to the Airport @ 5:00am. The 1st leg of their journey.
They all did really well, Sheri was holding up well. I on the other hand did not do very well. It did not hit me until I said goodbye that, I have always had Sheri around or taking care of my children while I was out of town. We have always been only a phone call away. She has become a sister/daughter to me over the years, with LOTS of stuff under our bridge, both good and bad, but we have weathered the ups and downs pretty well. We have learn along with our other Dothan friends that sometimes in life when we don't have our "REAL BIO" Family to hang on to,we lean on the love ones God has given to us in our life journeys. I have not had to say goodbye to my parents like Sheri at such young ages, so my heart has always ached for her and I hope that I can fill what every gap their is in any way I can. We really don't know how much we will be able to talk once they get to China. I am so happy for the Peaks and can't wait to see Sophie!!! Just think! The next time we see the Peaks they will no longer be the Peaks of 4 but Peaks of 5. Yea!!!! A girl!!! Sophie will be every ones little Angel!!! I can't wait to see Justin & Josh with a little sister. Hang on Sophie your family is on the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sherrie said...

Good grief, I finally am able to pull up your blog!!! I was not able to see it in Beijing for some reason. Thank you for the sweet words. I love you and I MISS DOTHAN!!!!!

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