Saturday, August 16, 2008

* Our Fathers Hand

This picture is priceless...
Last night Possum spent the night in a sleep center and Melo took this picture. Kamren has just in the last couple of weeks moved upstairs to his own bed, but when he was in our bed he always had to pinkie touch. The comfort of our parents touch, how many times would I give anything to touch my father's hand, to hug my father or just to be near my father. All the comforts of that warm, protecting feeling from our father's touch. Then I'm reminded of our heavenly Father, that he is always there even when we can't have our earthly father's hand, his arm's open wide ready to warp us up and shield us from all of life's woes. I get up daily reaching for my Father's hand and I know I would not make it through a day with out "my Father's hand"......... Thanks Melo for the reminder. Love you!

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Sherrie said...

What a sweet picture. Poor baby I know he was scared to have all that stuff hooked up to him. I hope that get some answers soon.

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