Tuesday, October 21, 2008

* Kam & the Preacher

Last week the boys and I took a trip to Kentucky to celebrate Makayla's birthday. Joel ( Melanie's husband) is the pastor of the Glasgow FWB Church, and they were in a week long re vial. We were there for two nights of the services. K&K attend church regularly, and Kyle has Chapel daily at his school, but they have a services called the Surge that is geared for their age. Saying all of this, K&K are not use to the "Hell, Fire and Brimstone" type preaching. The first night we attended Melo's church the preacher was preaching and he was getting "loud and Shouting", all of a sudden Kamren hollers out " Mom, why is his so mad at us and hollering at us, we didn't do anything? I tried to calm Kam and explain that he was just preaching and Kam said; but he keeps saying that people are going to hell and he is mad. Well at least he was listening.
And yes, K&K do know about heaven and hell I just don't think Kam had ever heard it talked about this dramatically......Sorry Bro. Tim....

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