Friday, October 24, 2008

* Shae's Pig Cake & Cookies

Last week was Squirrels Pig Party and the boys and myself got to be there. This is the cake and cookies that ShaSha made. Both my girls are very talented. Both girls are great cooks and they both love to bake, this is when it makes a mother proud that their children have picked up their parents talents. ShaSha is really getting GOOD with her cakes. I have often wonder if my children ever cared or noticed my decorating and baking over all the years and if any of my hobbies and talents would be taken up by them.. When M,M&M were small I baked Birthday and Wedding Cakes all the time, if you got a Cake back then in our small town you had to do it yourself, so I learn to decorate in VBS and loved it. So maybe someday Squirrel & Madison will be like their Mommies and bake pretty cakes too. Beautiful Pig!!!!! Proud of you!!!! Keep up the baking!!!

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cricket said...

So what exactly are MY talents since you only mentioned Shae's????

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