Friday, October 10, 2008

* Happy Birthday Kamren

Sophie & Nichole playing at Kamren's party at Kidz Castle....10-10-08

Kamren spent his 4th birthday with Melo & MeLeah in Ky at the Pumpkin Patch...
We were on a Disney cruise when Kamren turned 5... Josh, Justin, Sterling, Jordan, Drew, David, Lana, Logan and Kyle were there to celebrate....

Kamren's 1st wagon from MawMaw & PawPaw Matt on his 1st Birthday....

My "Baby" is 8 today!!!!!

It seems like it was yesterday me and my daddy were in a race to see you could finish 1st. He was building the boys a tree house and I was in labor with Kamren. We had only been in our new home on Sterling Ridge for 2 weeks and Mom and Dad were down for the birth and Kyle wanted a tree house for him and his little brother and all the neighborhood kids. Needless to say my dad beat me.

Kamren was out of school today so I took him, Natalie, Nicole, Sophie & Josh to Kidz Castle for his party. After the party Kirk took Kamren to Toys R Us to shop and tonight he wants to see a movie.

Aunt Lynda & Chips took him shopping this morning while I work, MawMaw Matt sent him a check. Justin, Josh & Sophie gave him money and the Twins gave him a gift certificate to Walmart. He received phone calls from Melo, MeLeah, Drew, Matt, MawMaw Matt and PawPaw Bert.

I think he has had a great day!!!

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Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Kam!!!

Sherrie said...

Happy Birthday Kameren!!!!!!

cricket said...

Happy b-day!

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