Thursday, October 30, 2008

* Pray for MawMaw

Today I went with Sheri & Miss Sophie to Montgomery for her Cardio Appt. Everything checked out O.K. and she was cleared for her December 3rd surgery. After the Dr. visit we had a very good day!
About 1:00pm Melo called me to tell me Mother had been sick all night and was in the hospital. We finally received word around 3:00pm that she would have surgery at 7:00am tomorrow morning.(Halloween) If everything goes O.K. she can go home in the afternoon. Please pray for MawMaw that she will feel better soon. It was two years ago about this same time she spent weeks in the hospital with Blood Clots. My Mom is allergic to just about anything they tape or sew you up with. Get well soon MawMaw!!!! We Love you!!!!!!!!

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